Friday, January 23, 2015

Flannel Friday: Hooray for Hat!

(Apparently formatting is not my friend today because my pictures REFUSE to orient properly. I apologize for the turning of the head required to read this post.)

I read somewhere that "Hooray for Hat!" would make a great flannel and I thought "OMG yes it would!" So here's my version (as of yet untested - my Story Time sessions start next week).

When Elephant woke up he was grumpy...

But there's a knock on the door and he gets a present: a hat!!

So he goes to show Zebra (who is grumpy):

Elephant cheers him up by giving him part of his hat:

So they go show turtle (who is grumpy):

But they cheer him up with part of the hat:

Then they go show Owl (who is grumpy):

I'll bet you have no idea what cheers him up...

They go show Lion (who is, you guessed it, grumpy): 

And while his part of the hat cheers him up...

 He feels bad because Giraffe is still unhappy and there are no more hat pieces left. So they put all their pieces together and that helps Giraffe feel better.

 Hooray for hat!

I made the animal pieces reversible (someone turned me on to reversible flannel pieces and I'm digging it). So here they are grumpy:

And here they are happy: 

TL:DR? Here's the whole set:

Happy Friday and Hooray for Hat indeed!


  1. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. You can pair this up with Pete the Cat and the Magic Sunglasses. Everyone's grumpy until they try the sunglasses on. It's all good.

  2. That's brilliant! I read Hooray for Hat last semester and paired it with Grumpy Bird, but Pete the Cat is always a hit - I'll try that and let you know how it goes. (My guess is... allllllll good). :-)

  3. Love the double sided action!! This is adorable. Gonna have to do a grumpy and happy theme!!

  4. This is the greatest felt that ever was!

  5. AnonymousJune 29, 2022

    Thank you for sharing


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