Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Preschool Art: Keith Haring

For this session of Preschool Explorers, we talked about Keith Haring and his artwork. Caveat: you need big big paper. I happened to have some rolls that someone donated, so I was set, but without those rolls this would not have been possible. 

First, we read books by Keith Haring. I read Ten and Big. We talked about the dancing figures and what they might be doing and we tried to twist our bodies into the same positions (hilarity ensued). 

We also looked at some of the drawings in I Wish I Didn't have to Sleep. 

This book is fascinating and asking the kids what they think the painting means is a treat. 

Then it was our turn! 

I rolled out the big paper so each kid could have a piece. They lay down and their grown-up companion traced their outline. Then the kids decorated themselves with all sorts of crafty odds and ends that I provided.  

I had hoped more of them would choose interested positions, but most of them just lay down and used that shape. 

Here are some of the results (in varying stages of done-ness):

The parents particularly loved this session and there was talk about hanging the results on bedroom walls. I saw some parents write the date on the sheet so they could compare the size as their preschooler grew (and we all know that happens way too fast....). 

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