Friday, June 5, 2015

A Block Party: a Family Program

For one of my big Saturday Programs this spring, I had a Block Party in which we celebrated/played with all kinds of blocks (get it? get it??). And seriously, folks, this one is as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. 

Basically, you just need blocks. I had lots of different kinds of blocks: 

Cardboard Bricks
Recycled Blocks
Foam Blocks
Wooden Blocks. They look a little forlorn here, but
I swear we enjoyed them!
Because I can never leave well enough alone (also known as the "why plan one activity when you can plan 28!" syndrome) I also had a few tables with activities. I'm guessing, though, that most of the kids would have been happy just to build with the blocks. Some of the older participants gravitated towards the crafts at first, but even they were lured by the blocks by the end. 

First, a make your own LEGO figurine station. I printed out figurines in yellow cardstock (you can see them in the middle of the table) and then set out a variety of things to make the characters unique. 

Because I thought it would be fun. I put out printed LEGO movie masks for the kids to color and make. They were fans of this one. 

Finally, I had a table with the shape blocks I remembered having as a kid. I love these blocks. 

I discovered while making my Toddler Obstacle Course that the foam squares I used for Candyland could make blocks. So I used them to make blocks. I left some of the foam flat so the kids could experiment with building blocks if they wanted. One little girl only wanted to form the blocks, not build with them.

Fortunately, not everyone felt that way and those kids made a magnificent castle. 

Maybe I'll use this idea for my next princess party! 

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