Thursday, May 7, 2015

Flannel Friday: How Will We Get to the Beach?

Here's a fun guessing game just ready for summer based on How Will We Get to the Beach? by Brigitte Luciani.

I actually only have the Spanish version of this at my library and I loved that the character's name was Rosana, so I keep that even though I tell the story in English. If you prefer, you can go with Roxanne, as per the English version. 

Also, I called the little baby Baby George. (Although maybe I should switch to Baby Charlotte...?)

At any rate. Back to the story. 

Rosana wants to go to the beach. Here are the things she wants to take with her: her umbrella, her big purple ball, her turtle, her big story book, and her little Baby George. 

But when they get in the car to go to the beach, the car won't start! So she tries to go on a bike.

But there's something that doesn't fit on the bike. Do you know what it is?

The big purple ball!

So she tries to go by skateboard...

But something won't fit on the skateboard! Do you know what it is?

The umbrella!

So she tries a bus...

... which doesn't allow animals. 

And a canoe...

...but the book would get wet. 

And a hot air balloon...

... but that's too scary for Baby George. 

So she finally loads everything onto a cart and the friendly horse pulls the cart all the way to the beach where they have a marvelous time.  

I tested this story out in Preschool Story Time yesterday and the kids were very good at guessing which piece was missing without even checking my hands to see if they could see what I was still holding. 

This could possibly pair with The Rattletrap Car and could work for a transportation storytime or a summer storytime. 

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