Friday, May 22, 2015

Flannel Friday: The Goat in the Turnips

I made this flannel some time ago and I can't remember where I got the original story. If anyone knows, please tell me! 

Once there was a little boy who was taking care of a goat. The naughty goat gets into the turnip patch and won't come out. 

A dog comes to help, but he can't get the goat out either. Neither can the fox. 

Not even the big bear can manage it!

Nope, it is the smallest of all, the bee, who stings the goat and the goat comes running out of the turnip patch. 

Which goes to show you: sometimes it's the smallest one who can do the biggest thing. 

I add some drama to it (every time someone fails to get the goat out, they all sit down and cry big boo hoo hoos, which always makes the children laugh) and every animal has some dialogue about how big and strong they are and therefore cannot fail. They, of course, mock the tiny bee before he proves himself. 

This is also a flannel where I cut out the outlines in felt and did all of the details in puff paint. I've been there, adding tiny dot eyes after having done all the other puff paint and praying that I don't screw it up now! Don't talk to me about living on the edge!


  1. Fun story and beautiful puff painting!!

    1. Thanks! I was lucky it all worked out well - I've had to toss pieces at the last moment because I blobbed paint all over their faces. It's tragic.


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