Monday, February 22, 2016

Princess Party!

Who lives in a castle like this? Princesses, of course! This cardboard feat of construction paper brick-laying was the centerpiece of my library's Princess Party. 

I had about 50 children and their parents attend this year and we had a great (if somewhat crowded) time. 

Here's what we did: 

This was the only cost of the program. Hooray for a program where I already had everything I needed!!! I bought strawberries, pretzels, grapes, small cookies, and frosted cupcakes. Bonus of doing this right around Valentine's Day: super easy to find pink and white cupcakes.

Princess Paper Dolls
I printed out a paper doll and dresses template which the kids could color and cut out. I also put out cardstock and envelope templates to make a convenient (and pretty!) holder for the doll and her accessories. I really like this station, but it was the last one people went to, so I might have to rethink putting it up when I do this again.

Pom Pom Boas
I did these for my Fancy Nancy Party last year, and I was just crazy enough to do it again. I started making the pom poms in advance this time, so there wasn't a major time crunch at the end, but I still ended up with a living room covered in yarn fuzz for, like, a week (or 3 million years if you ask my husband). So.... still not for the faint of heart. But still so cute! But so time consuming! But so fun! (I am large, I contain multitudes....)

Beaded Jewelry
Super simple (no instructions needed!), very pretty, and always a hit. Stock up on pony beads and pretty colors of pipe cleaners and off you go. 

Pin the Kiss on the Frog
I made a very large frog using clipart and had little lips with tape on them. and a pink blindfold. Stickers for anyone who participated. 

Tiaras and Scepters
I printed out a crown template on cardstock and the participants decorated it, cut it out, and stapled it all together so they could wear it. I cut hearts, stars, and snowflakes out of glitter foam which we attached to straws to make scepters. We added curling ribbon to make them extra fancy.

I always hesitate with the tiara and scepter station because so many little girls come already dressed up with dresses and tiaras and scepters and I think "why would they want to make another one?" and yet it is always the first station they flock to and the busiest throughout. I should stop questioning myself with this one.

Dragons and Swords
I did have some young knights at the party so I put out a green table just for them. (It was a nice break from all the pink). They could make two things: a dragon paper bag puppet and a sword. One of my co-workers also works at a print shop and they are always receiving printer toner with this weird cardboard packaging. Turns out you can add a little tinfoil and it works great for swords!

And, of course, a book display to encourage more princesses-y reading!

I wish I had had time (and floor space) to make some princess reading nooks using a hula hoop and a pretty shower curtain, but my time went elsewhere and I never got to it. Also, I think I need to drop the paper dolls next time. It's time to let that one go.....

Another bonus: I gave away part of the castle to families who wanted to continue playing at home! And then got an amazing picture of the girls having a tea party in the tower in their playroom! All loveliness all around, which is pretty much what you should expect from a princess.


  1. Where did you get the cardboard castle?

    1. I made it! Extra large boxes from home depot, some tape, and bricks cut from construction paper.


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