Sunday, January 11, 2015

Preschool Story Time 12/2/14

Opening Song: Oh Hey, Oh Hi, Hello

Book: A Letter for Leo by Sergio Ruzzier

I thought this book was cute, but perhaps a little slow. I'm glad I decided to use it first, when the kids were most attentive. It was the only book that didn't get checked out at the end of the program. I still think it's a nice book, though. 

Fingerplay: These are my Glasses

I sang this one - it's a Laurie Berkner song. I to
ok a page from her book (haha) and asked the kids what was in their books. Princesses, vampires, and dinosaurs were the top answers. 

Flannel Story: Froggy Gets Dressed

Froggy never fails me. The kids liked guessing what he had forgotten to put on; I know I have their attention when they start trying to peek at the flannel pieces in my lap. 

Book: Pirate, Viking, Scientist by Jared Chapman

This book is hilarious and a pretty good interpretation of the scientific method. I tried to amp up the interest by asking the kids if they thought the experiments would work. I think I should have explained what pillaging and plundering were before reading it, though. Or maybe it would just work best with an older crowd. 

Dance: Silly Dance Contest

Dance: Bananas Unite

Settle: I clap my hands

Book: Is there a dog in this Book? by Viviane Schwarz

This was the favorite book by far. The kids loved it. 

Action Rhyme: Baby Shark

Book: George in the Dark by Madeline Valentine

This one was a quiet success. The kids were scared with George and brave with George and said "I'm brave, too!" when I finished. 

Story with Puppets: The Squeaky Door

It's nice when a story gets spontaneous applause from the parents. I have the perfect puppet for the "AAAAAHHH!" sound that Molly makes when the door creaks. I'm not sure I have enough hands to pull this story off as well as I would like to - I think next time I might hand out the animals to the kids to have them make the animal noises and just keep the girl puppet myself. 

Closing: We Wave Goodbye Like This

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