Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sweet Snacks: Ice Cream

One of my most popular after-school programs is called "Sweet Snacks". Every month we cook something together. I run two sessions with 25 kids each and while it can be a bit of semi-controlled chaos depending on the recipe, it has been a big hit with everyone (and fun for me, too!).

This month, we made ice cream. Not ice cream sundaes. Ice cream itself.

Here's how we did it.

You'll need:
- a quart-sized freezer bag
- a gallon sized freezer bag
- whole milk
- flavoring (your choice)
- ice
- salt

First, put 1/2 cup milk in the quart sized bag. 

 Add flavoring. You can choose to measure carefully, if you want to, but I tend to just squeeze some in and call it good. Here are the options I had:

Seal the bag tightly. It's super-important for it to stay sealed or else you could get salty ice cream. 

Next, add ice to the gallon sized bag. 

Sprinkle liberally with salt. (more like "Dump some salt in" really)

Place the quart sized bag in the gallon sized bag and seal. 

Shake it! This part is the loud ice-rattling part. 

You'll know you have ice cream when the ice has partially melted and the milk has solidified somewhat. This usually takes about five minutes. You can add more ice or salt if it isn't working properly. 

Take the quart sized bag out of the gallon sized bag and put the contents in a bowl. 
Ice cream!

(You can add extra flavoring on top, if you want). 

A couple of tips: 

- The ice bag gets COLD. You could possibly hand out small towels to put around the bags or you could tell the kids to bring gloves, but trust me, it's cold. Watch out. 

- It's probably best to try to rinse or clean the top of the ice cream bag a little bit since you don't want the salt to come into the bowl as you empty the bag. 

- The ice cream melts quickly; eat it immediately. 

- I had a helper for this program and we made the ice cream assembly-line style. I gave the kids the small bag, the milk, and the flavoring and then they moved down the line to my helper who gave them the ice and the salt. 

Delicious and simple! Yum!


  1. "Sweet Snacks" sounds like a pretty delicious program, I'd love to hear more about what other sweet treats you've whipped up with the kids!

  2. Thanks! We've made lots of delicious things. I'm new to blogging so they aren't up here yet, but they will be. :-)


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