Friday, October 24, 2014

Toddler Story Time 10/23/14

Opening Songs

Book: My Bear Griz by Suzanne McGinness

This book fell a little flat. They really liked the parts with the big bear (especially the page where the bear is laughing), but the stuffed animal ending went right over the kids' heads and the adults didn't react at all. 

Flannel Fingerplay: Five Green and Speckled Frogs

I made this flannel over the weekend and it was a big hit. I added a "Splash!" motion and sound when the frogs jumped in the pool which the kids loved. 

Fingerplay: Put your fingers in the air

Book: Old McDonald by Jessica Souhami

Another book with a surprise ending.... sort of. I don't think anyone is expecting the page where Old MacDonald has an alien. But this one went over much better than the bear book. Everyone was happy to "beep beep" along with the alien. 

Song: My Little Red Wagon

Song: Zoom Zoom Zoom

Song: Jump Up, Turn Around

Modified from a Jim Gill song, I simply sing "Jump up, turn around, clap your hands, stamp the ground" twice through and on the third time instead of stamping the ground we end with "sit back down." 

Story: Dear Zoo with stuffed animals

I collected stuffed animals as a child and they are coming in handy now! I have a bright green laundry bag that I fill with the animals I need to tell the story and I pull them out one at a time as I need them. This morning I couldn't quite remember the exact animals he gets from the zoo, so I just picked my own based on what I had and made up reasons for rejecting them as pets. The turtle was too slow, the alligator was too scary, the bunny was too fast, etc. The kids love it when the stuffed animals appear and I usually let them all pet each one before we send them back to the zoo. 

Book: If You're Happy and You Know it: Jungle Edition by James Warhola

This is one of my favorite story time books. I usually use it at the end of story time (since our goodbye song is "If You're Happy and You Know it") and then wave goodbye on the "time to go kids page" before transitioning directly into our last rhyme. 

Closing Song

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